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In the past, Petroleum Contractors were considered just that, contractors that worked for the Petroleum Industry. The industry has changed and the clients required that the Petroleum Contractor provide services to Manage the entire project. NEI took this advice and created a diversified Team to offer our clients a turn key project taking into account their specific requirements.

We have successfully managed projects in both the retail, commercial and industrial sectors of the petroleum industry, taking great pride in "looking after the clients interest". We consider this to be a paramount part of our business and continue to strive toward business excellence!

Environmental & Petroleum
NEI is committed to ensuring a clean environment, and has kept pace with advancements in petroleum environmental protection products & technology. Because of the geographical area that we cover, NEI is well versed with various federal, provincial, and municipal regulations pertaining to the petroleum industry in the Atlantic region.

We can provide our clients with project construction and management services that will ensure the most up to date level of environmental protection, and/or to ensure complete compliance with the various regulations in the clean-up of any sites that may require the remediation of petroleum contamination.

Noye Enterprises
Noye Enterprises
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